(that's me).

I am a Product Director based in London, originally from down under working also in Paris and escapes as often as possible to Madrid and anywhere else in the world with latin vibes.

My mantra is to live a life I don't need holidays from.

Product Director / Designer
Currently Product Director at Photobox leading the digital transformation of Europe’s leading photobook brand. This isn’t just about product design but culture, creativity and most of all creating products and services so people can share their stories with photos.

Technologist and self professed image geek
There is beauty in code if you know where to find it. Good digital design comes from data and a little bit of structure. I work with some of the best creative engineers linking data, experiences and images.

An early career as a professional photographer puts both stories and semiotics neatly besides algorithms and code.

Currently taking pictures again after a long absence. It is like rediscovering a long lost lover.

Obsessed with hotels with personality
Blessed to have worked in boutique and luxury hotels for a number of years as a Product Director designing digital experiences and travel booking engines.

Taking a break from travel industry to follow my other passion photography but I am still lucky enough to review and visit some incredible hotels to keep me connected.

Gypsy nomad
Travel has been my life from the moment my parents let me travel alone at 15. I am still a gypsy who can’t settle down and I am lucky that the nature of my work means I can work anywhere in the world.

More people should have this opportunity and there is nothing more humbling and life affirming than hitting the open road.

My personal views...
I live in a constant state of cognitive dissonance between art & science, humans & machines, creativity & algorithm, digital & real.

This place blends everything that I care about. It makes sense to me so hopefully a little bit of it makes sense to you too.

From the archives...
Solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and London. My work is a fusion of fine art and fashion. It blends my interests in cinema, popular culture, fashion, media and advertising to question the role and meaning photography has on our daily lives.

Masters of Fine Arts (Photomedia) at Monash University. Initially trained at Melbourne’s Photography Studies College, awarded the Gabrielle Hayne Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in Photographic Art. Also the recipient of the Albury Regional Gallery Emerging Artist Award in Photography (2005).

 Recently in Nicaragua - no stress... no worries #Aug2016

Recently in Nicaragua - no stress... no worries #Aug2016