I will follow you

I will follow you

palermo soho | buenos aires

It’s 5am the drumbeats hard, the taxi waits outside.

Run, run, run, the taxi waits outside, you have a flight to catch and the heart beats hard as you pound the pavement home. Shirtless, sweating alcohol and sweet kisses you make it back to the apartment.

And then you vanished. To make me pay for your taxi to another place.

I can barely remember you. I have forgotten that moment.

Let me try and retrace those steps. Your name, what was it again?

If we had only known in this moment together. We couldn’t. So drunk with energy, so drunk with love, blinded by the haze of the night and the beauty of the morning light.

I can’t remember that history, imagined, not real. Sitting freshly dressed sitting on the edge of bed, waiting… dreaming. Of our countryside hacienda and our four perfect children.

I will go searching for that hacienda… as I would like to know your name.

Copy of Standing at the edge of no tomorrow