What if there was no Plan B?

What if there was no Plan B?

What would you do? How would you live your life?

Ever since I was 16 my dream was to live in Madrid, Spain, be fluent in Spanish, be a full-time creative, artist and photographer and live the vida loca.

Yet, I am in my mid-forties and I still haven’t pursued this dream. It had become the story I would tell over beers at the bar to anyone who would listen but I never did a single thing about it.

I went to Spain once in my 20s but I couldn’t work there at the time without a visa, so I left. I didn’t even try.

Since then, I have always made other plans. I followed the path away from creativity in my 20s when I got into digital strategy & product management. It just seemed easier and was definitely more lucrative. I stopped making art and taking photos altogether in my 30s. I got married in Australia and had a wonderful family. I moved to London to grow my amazing digital career.