Talks & Workshops

Over the years I have given various talks and workshops on visual storytelling and creativity. These are some recent talks I have given at conferences and organisations in Europe.

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Visual Storytelling in the age of algothrimic narratives
Interact Conference - The Human and the Machine
October London 2019


Global Product Strategy
Product Tank - London
August - London

eCommerce Design Strategy
eCommerce Design Summit
April - London

Product Strategy is Dead
February - London


Product Strategy & Managing Senior Stakeholders
Product Tank - Madrid


Silicon Beached - London

MInt Amsterdam - Data Driven Marketing Summit

topics that interest me…

Visual Storytelling in the world of algorithmic narratives

Overview: Photography is now a commodity traded on digital platforms. But what about meaning, experience, narrative and ultimately memory. Can an AI really understand learn someone memory and translation of an image based on their own personal experience.

Navigating Authenticity in a world of swipe right, swipe left

Overview: What is photography when we have digital technologies, AI and algorithms that decide what good looks like. How do we reclaim our personal stories and tell authentic and real narratives that are not composited or imagined but real.

Visual storytelling & business Strategy

Overview: Creative strategy and visual storytelling through images and prototyping can make or break a strategy. Strategy is more than data, spreadsheets and financial projections. Ultimately it relies on brand, customers and transforming perception in the minds of your stakeholders and ultimately your customers.

When ideas have sex - when strategy and creativity meet

Overview: The space where a strategic insight or plan becomes reality through creativity and execution. How to transfer from that world of fuzzy ideas into something real and tangible.